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Being A Scientist Also Means Being a Geek

If you think being an ecology researcher and scientist is for people who love the outdoors 24/7, then you need to think again, because a great deal of environmental scientists are also very proficient…

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How to prepare for your ecology research and hiking trip

When it comes to ecology there are few things that you have to keep in mind if you want to make sure that you have everything you need and a well prepared for the…

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How We Can Start Saving The Planet

Mother nature, the earth is our home. For hundreds of years we have not been very kind to it. From air pollution to waste in the oceans, we are killing our planet…

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Renewable energy and ecology

Fuel used as a primary source of energy is consumable material. Carbon-based chemical compounds increase greenhouse gas emissions. It creates climate change and destroys all lifestyles.

Recently, especially in…

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Wind power

The cleanest way to generate electricity is renewable energy technology. The dominant sources of renewable energy are sun, wind, water and geothermal. Renewable energy is never exhausted and has the potential to…

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About Renewable energy

Renewable energy is a continually renewable energy environment that includes solar energy, wind power, hydropower, biomass energy, sea turbidity, emissions, and geothermal energy. From 2005 to 2006, 18% of the world’s total…

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