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When it comes to ecology there are a few things that you have to keep in mind if you want to make sure that you have everything you need and a well-prepared for the outdoor elements.

Most people do not pay for the supplies and have a confirmation or plan as to what they want to do so in times of emergency they find it very difficult to find a way around.

Make a goal and a plan

On any adventure that involves the outdoors, you need to make sure that you have all your plans and goals in place.

Because it makes it so much easier when you know what you want to achieve and what you aiming towards because when it comes to research and collecting data if you don’t have a hypothesis and the reason for doing whatever scientific research, you will be more than confused and find it much more difficult coming to your conclusion and consensus

Wear appropriate clothes

When you are out in the elements you want to make sure that you have the right clothes for the environment. if you are worrying about how many clothes to bring into the wilderness a good rule of thumb is to bring clothes for the all-around season and warm socks like cashmere or yak wool socks.

Even though it might be summer you still want to make sure to bring a jacket rain boots and clothes for the weather because you never know what Mother Nature will do and how it will act.

But don’t pack your back time with unnecessary Highlands and clothing that might seem like overkill.

You can fit most of what you need in a pack keep some common sense and bring tools that you will need.

Bring tools that you might need

This is one of the more important things because in your research you will need to make sure to bring all your scientific equipment and whatever else that will help you out in nature.

For example flashlight, Something that will start a fire, Binoculars, Battery packs, etc.

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Especially a flashlight if you will be spending more than a few days and if it gets really dark where you are.

Not only is it helpful to give a distress signal but you obviously need to find your way around the darkness.

Bring nutritious foods

You won’t have the luxury of eating cooked foods so so make sure to prepare foods that Will last a long time but also have enough nutrients.

Foods or bad choice because if you will be spending a few days especially out in the sun and in hot weather the food can go bad and worst case scenario you can get food poisoning.

So foods that are dry such as cookies or maybe canned foods might be a better alternative choice.

A journal to document your experience

Being out in nature will give you one of the most profound experiences you will ever have because sometimes you just have insights and ideas that you want to write down. internal will make sure that you take down notes about feelings your thoughts your observations not just in a scientific sense, But also when it comes to personal development.

So enjoy yourself and have fun with experience and learn more about yourself and good luck with your research.

Written by Cody Robinson