DC-AMS (DC – Allnatural Movement Society) is an organization of researchers, academics, educators, travelers, and students who are passionate about saving the world. Membership is available for anyone who wants to take part and contribute.

Each year the chapter holds formal meetings and attends social gatherings. Formal meetings typically feature a speaker who presents on a topic, followed by a Q&A session. Occasionally the chapter has the opportunity to tour a local site related to our interest in the sciences. Social events range from group dinners to happy hours to attending sporting events, giving members a chance to network outside of a more formal setting.

Outreach is also a major component of our chapter. Each year we participate in several community education events where we talk to the public about travel and ecology. Our members are also involved judging local science fairs. The recipients of the DC-AMS awards certificates from each fair are then invited to attend our Annual DC-AMS Awards Banquet, held in June, where students can display their projects and compete for additional prizes. Also at the Banquet, the chapter awards a DC-AMS member funded scholarship to a local high school senior who will be studying ecology and ecological sustainability or a related science beginning the following fall.