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The cleanest way to generate electricity is renewable energy technology. The dominant sources of renewable energy are sun, wind, water and geothermal. Renewable energy is never exhausted and has the potential to provide environmentally friendly human needs for growing electricity

Wind power generation is a process of converting the kinetic energy of wind or air into electricity. One of the fastest renewable sources of renewable energy in recent years is wind power, which is more than 40,000 megawatts globally in 2011, leading to a year-on-year basis in Asia.

China, America, and Germany are among the largest in the world as a whole. With current technical capacity, wind power generation is five times the current global power generation, but it is 40 times more than electricity demand. Due to the above factors, such as climate change, environmental pollution, energy security, government support, and wind turbine value reduction, wind power is a key role in replacing traditional sources of energy supply worldwide. will wait.

Mechanism of wind power generation
The sun is the wind source. The warmth of the sun comes from an uneven pocket of air, some of the air is hot and some are cold. This is why the hot air is light and the air is heavy and space is hot. The aerial movement of the air creates wind.
The wind turbines convert kinetic energy into the wind into electricity. When the wind blows, the turbine flag flares. Airflow propeller flares. Turning wheels turns the generator’s rivers and produces electricity. Installing a large number of wind farms in wind farms can generate large amounts of electricity.

Benefits of wind energy
The wind is an inexhaustible resource.
Wind energy is eco-friendly. The wind power plant does not emit pollutants, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases.
After installation, the wind farm is very cost-effective. Compared to other traditional power plants, operating costs are low.
The wind power plant is highly productive.
Unlike wind and coal, wind energy is not affected by inflation.
Wind energy reduces coal dependence on the country.
The park can be used for pastoral, agricultural and other purposes.

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Written by Cody Robinson