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Fuel used as a primary source of energy is consumable material. Carbon-based chemical compounds increase greenhouse gas emissions. It creates climate change and destroys all lifestyles.

Recently, especially in Europe, renewable energy incentives have been increasing and consumption is being renewed.

The use of renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly popular to maintain a sustainable living and ecological balance. Generally, it generates electricity and heat. All types of standard energy are converted to one another. It allows the use of electronic devices and all kinds of machines. The optimization of the correct method is simple and the negative impacts on the environment are reduced to very low levels. This is one of the biggest factors for the sustainable development of countries. Using environmental fuels reduces environmental damage. It plays an important role in the development of domestic resources and reducing dependence. It ensures compliance with international agreements and new employment. However, the resources available in every region are limited. Wind power is high in wind energy and hydrothermal energy is high in tropical regions with high yields from highland and oceans. Our geographical location is suitable for use in renewable energy. Black Sea wind energy, Aegean, Central, and Eastern Anatolia are suitable areas for hydrothermal energy. 2017 The solid fuel statistics show the production of coal and coal products (tablets, coke, asphalt, solid coal), and our country’s use and relevance.

The Clean Air Rights platform has shared early death data to address air pollution problems. This is the death of 32bin deaths annually due to air pollution. Also, the World Health Organization (WHO) data show that air pollution in all states, except for Arvin, is polluted in our country.

Renewable energy sources; Ocean and Sea energy, hydrogen energy, hydraulic energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, wind, and solar energy. Although not enough energy, pyrazolic energy is one of the sources of renewable energy. Below is the ecological analysis of alternative energy sources.

Solar energy
There is no harm in the atmosphere in the production of solar energy. However, they have little to do with their system installation. Only waste containers are included in the waste assessment. In addition, batteries can be accessed to a solar energy system. A large area in the area needs It creates pollution of the image and creates the living space of living beings.

Wind energy
Installation of the wind power system and emissions of energy production. Therefore, it does not harm the atmosphere. This does not have a negative impact on the water environment. Besides, there is no waste of wind power system. However, wind turbines are very large and can cause images. This causes noise pollution as a result of noise pollution. With the creation of airflow, environmental birds hit turbines and their lives.

Geothermal energy
Geothermal sources contain various gases. Therefore, the use of harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide emissions into the air. It produces noisy noise, but also makes it easy.

Hydrogen power
No harmful substances will be encountered during installation and production. As a result, water produces water from the combustion reaction. Environment, health, and ecology do not conflict. This is the most reliable energy source.

Sea Energy
It works mechanically. No combustion. Therefore, gas emissions or waste generation do not have a negative impact. It reduces noise and noise.

Biomass energy
The products obtained through a variety of processes hurt impact on the environment. Waste gases emit some toxic gases.

Written by Cody Robinson