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If you think being an ecology researcher and scientist is for people who love the outdoors 24/7, then you need to think again, because a great deal of environmental scientists are also very proficient with computers and are big nerds / geeks when it comes it.

You Need the Best Computers

Depending on what you are studying, computer power and output will depend, but most scientific labs and equipment need to follow a certain standard. Physicists and astronomers for example probably need the latest CPUs and Graphics card to render all the data and process those images.

Whereas some fields within ecology can get away with not having the state of the art equipment. Sometimes all the work that needs to be done is plotting some charts and inputting the field data into an excel sheet or a program that can store the information.

In such cases where you have to sit in front of the computer for long periods of time, health coaches are recommending people to stay more active day by day. For office workers especially, a different type of work set-up seems to be necessary to maintain a healthier work habit. Standing up seems to make people more focused productive. Standing up and working all day is going to be difficult which is why you should consider buying one of the best standing desk chair to get into the rhythm.

You Need to Look at Data

One of the mistakes a lot of researchers make is to manipulate the data to fit a certain narrative and assumption. Certain hypotheses can be incorrect and it’s good when certain assumptions of patterns in the world are challenged.

Because a lot of researchers in order to not lose their grant or reputation, decide to manipulate the data, so they commit certain entries or they change the conditions to change the statistical data to fit a certain narrative. Depending on which corporation is financing these studies, we should always take some time to look at the sponsors and what they are tied to.

Did you know cigarette companies used to sponsor research into cigarettes and doctors sometimes made unfactual statements that cigarettes are good for you etc. However, the truth later came out and there is no denying the consequences of smoking.

In today’s day and age, you can see the same thing happening with food corporations sponsoring certain medical studies on which foods are healthy.

You Need to Explain the Findings and Data

If you already have sponsors and grants from universities, then you have more leeway, but to get grants to further study an interesting finding, you need sponsors from people who are willing to invest their money into research.

At the end of the day, it’s about how such organizations can benefit from your research and study whether it is reputation related or financially related depends on the organization, but if you do need the grant to research on the specific topic of your choosing, then you need to be able to explain the data and the outcome or what you will find as if you are talking to a five year old.

However, know your audience. If you are speaking to a group of fellow researchers and scientists, then speaking to them as if they are babies, will not help. However, speaking in such a professional term and way to a group of general audience, you might end up confusing them, so you need to be able to explain the data to the right audience, the right way.

Written by Cody Robinson