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Are Yurts Eco-Friendly?

A yurt, rooted in the rich nomadic traditions of Central Asia, is a unique and versatile dwelling that has…

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Why Mongolia Is One of the Coldest Places in the World

Mongolia, a vast and rugged country in East Asia, is renowned for its extreme cold temperatures during the winter…

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snow leopard

Differences between Snow Leopard and Leopard

Snow leopard and leopards are widely recognized. Because their fur has distinct hues, most people distinguish them. However, they…

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The Coldest Cities of each Continent

Winter time is beautiful in many ways. The air is crisp, the snow is sparkling and everything seems just…

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Benefits of Sauna After a Long Hike

Hiking can put quite a strain on the body, especially after a long day out in nature when doing…

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There are a few popular majors that Korean students study in university. The most popular ones include business, engineering,…

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Being A Scientist Also Means Being a Geek

If you think being an ecology researcher and scientist is for people who love the outdoors 24/7, then you…

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How to prepare for your ecology research and hiking trip

When it comes to ecology there are a few things that you have to keep in mind if you…

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How We Can Start Saving The Planet

Mother nature, the earth is our home. For hundreds of years we have not been very kind…

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Renewable energy and ecology

Fuel used as a primary source of energy is consumable material. Carbon-based chemical compounds increase greenhouse gas…

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